July 17, 2010, 1030 AM, Base Technologies



Attendees:  Bob Nakamoto, Bill Houston, Mark Nakagawa, Earl Takeguchi,  Alan Ueoka, Calvin Ninomiya, Gerald Yamada, Grant Ichikawa, Terry Shima  


Absent:  Bruce Hollywood (excused); Reuben Yoshikawa (excused)


Minutes, March 20, 2010 Meeting.  Approved by email.




Congressional Gold Medal.  67 Senators have signed on as co-sponsors of S-1055 and the Banking Committee has started the process to amend the Bill to include the MIS.  The Speaker’s Office said the award ceremony is expected to be held in the Capitol Rotunda, which seats 300.  Once the Bill passes, the US Mint will ask the National Veterans Network for design suggestions.   The award ceremony will probably be held in 2011.


Nisei Postage StampGerald Yamada reported that the JACL resolution to endorse the proposed National Japanese American Memorial stamp as an alternative to the Nisei soldiers stamp was defeated at the JACL National Convention.  Gerald also reported that USPS sent a response to the National Military Veterans Alliance’s letter requesting that USPS stop using its informal policy prohibiting specific military units from being recognized on commemorative stamps.  Gerald reads the USPS letter as backing off its informal policy but notes that the USPS letter inaccurately states that USPS rejected the Nisei soldiers stamp proposal.  Gerald will prepare a letter to USPS pointing out this inaccuracy and ask that USPS consider the proposal on its merits under its apparent revised policy.    


Memorial Scholarship ProgramA brief review of the issues that surfaced in administering the 2010 scholarship program was provided by Calvin Ninomiya.  He mentioned that for the first time inquiries were received re the eligibility of applicants who are stepchildren, i.e., related to a qualified veteran through a second marriage of his or her parent. The inquiry could spawn concerns as to whether the applicant is a dependent for tax purposes, and whether the individual actually lives with the stepparent. On another matter, although it has been a program practice to pay awards to the college or university to which the awardee has been admitted and to which he/she plans to go, it was suggested that in the future payments be made direct to the applicants. It was also pointed out that this year, given the number of late entries that were received; given that at least two of the members of the awards committee work full-time; and, given the difficulty of providing adequate time for judging the applications, the EC might wish to delay the awards luncheon to a later date. There was also discussion re the amount of the scholarship.


None of the concerns raised was voted upon. Instead, it was proposed that the issues would be described in a decision paper for the Executive Council and circulated to the members in advance of the next EC meeting. This will allow everyone to reflect on the changes before they are finally voted upon at that meeting.


Life Membership Certificate and Seal Press.   Bob provided exemplars of 5 LM certificates.  EC members voted on one.  The exemplars were printed in Bob’s office, which will produce the number of copies needed to mail to each LM.  E.D. will do a survey to get the seal.


Veterans Day, November 11, 2010.   Following actions have been taken for the 2010 Tenth Annual Veterans Day Program at the National Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism.  LTG Thomas Bostick, USA will be principal speaker.  Senate Chaplain’s office has a schedule conflict and cannot provide a Senate Chaplain to provide the invocation and benediction.  Mark Nakagawa and Alan Ueoka will attempt to arrange for a military chaplain to do the invocation and benediction.


NARA Project.  Gerald received a letter from the National Park Service saying our application for a grant “was not selected for funding”.  Meanwhile, MIS Veterans Hawaii sent a check in the amount of $2,500 for the digitization project. 


Finance Committee.   No report.




White House.  The Asia Pacific Heritage Month reception was held at the White House on May 24, 2010.  The President, in his remarks, recognized the 442nd.  Unlike previous years, JAVA received only one invitation this time.  Executive Director, who attempted to get more invitations, was told the number of invitations was highly limited this year as the White House has reached out to  APA supporters in other states. 


US Army Birthday Ball.  On June 12, 2010 Grant Ichikawa and Terry Shima were invited to the Ball to offer the toast “to the  Commander in Chief”.  At least 1,000 military personnel were there.  This appearance helped JAVA’s name recognition.


NAACP Military Awards Banquet.  Executive Director was invited to the NAACP Annual Military Awards Banquet at the Marriott Hotel in Kansas City, MO on July 13, 2010.   US Army paid for transportation and lodging.  The 442nd was recognized in a 5 minute video and laudatory narrative.  E.D. made the overnight trip.



The E.C. unanimously decided to award life membership to 100th-442nd-MIS veterans, survivors of the ”trapped Battalion” and Japanese American Korean War Veterans members.  This is in recognition of their service to our nation.  E.C. requested that the Membership Committee give this offer maximum publicity.


Next Meeting.  Saturday, September 11, 2010


Respectfully submitted,



Terry Shima

Pinch Hitter