Before Commissioning into the U.S. Army

 vvv-cert.JPG (89898 bytes)    Certificate recognizing membership in Hawaii's Varsity Victory Volunteers.

Action in Burma with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the war.

silk-map.JPG (110389 bytes)Partial detail of map carried by LT Buto.  Map was 1:1,000,000 scale printed on silk-like material (to preclude deterioration due to elements).  Map measures 22" x 30" and has Shanghai area on one side and Nanking area on the other.
This map is currently sewn on one of the panels of the "120,000 Tassel Tapestry" (the quilt) created by the Tecumseh Middle School, Lafayette, Indiana.

 pow-ask.JPG (66436 bytes)  LT Buto (2nd from right with hat on) interrogating unidentified Japanese POWs in Burma.

  pow-wgn.JPG (63781 bytes) LT Buto (standing to left of cart) with captured Japanese soldiers.

 w2-grp.JPG (63394 bytes)  Unknown group photo.  LT Buto is standing, 3rd from left.

Post WWII.

  wed-news.JPG (87335 bytes) wed-pic.JPG (96029 bytes)  CPT Junichi Buto and his bride, the former Ann Asako Kanemoto:   Wedding announcement & photo.