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Falk with ATIS, GHQ, Tokyo, June 1947

Falk is former chief historian of the Air Force and a military historian specializing in World War II in the Pacific. He holds MA and PhD degrees in American history from Georgetown University. He is the author of five books on the war in the Pacific-Bataan: The March of Death (1962); Decision at Leyte (1966); Liberation ofthe Philippines (1971); Seventy Days to Singapore (1975); and Bloodiest Victory: Palaus (1974)-several textbooks on national security affairs, and numerous essays, articles, and reviews.

Entering the Army in April 1945, he studied Japanese in the MISLS program at the University of Michigan and Fort Snelling, where he was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in April 1946. He served two years in Japan (19461948), briefly in ATIS but mainly in the GHQ Historical Section, working primarily with Japanese former Army and Navy officers on the history of the Japanese side of the war. After separation from the Army in 1948, he retained his reserve commission, eventually retiring with the rank of colonel.

In civilian life, he had a long career as a military historian and national security affairs specialist with the U.S. government. In addition to his position as Air Force chief historian, he also worked in the Army and Joint Chiefs of Staff historical programs and was professor of international relations at the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Since retirement, he has continued to write, lecture, and serve as a consultant. In 1990, he was the speaker at the Japanese American Citizens League Memorial Day service at Arlington National Cemetery.

He is a member of many professional and scholarly organizations, a founding director of the World War II Studies Association, a d a member of the Board of Directors fo the Japanese American Veterans' Association of Washington, D.C. Married to Lynn Lightman in 1956, the couple have two daughters, Lisa and Karen.


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