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Jan00 With Merrill's Marauders in Burma - MSGT Roy Matsumoto Feb00 Undercover Agent in Manila - Richard M. Sakakida Mar00 From the Gila Relocation Center to Korea - Benjamin T. Obata
Apr00 The New Guinea and Philippine Campaigns - Sunao Ishio May00 Chick Ikeda Jun00 Teaching at the MISLS - Takashi Matsui
Jul00 From Morotai to Mindanao and then to Japan - George Oakley Totten III Aug00 Three Unsung Heroes Sep00 Hung Wai Ching
Nov00 National Japanese Memorial Dedication Dec00 CI in Occupied Japan - Joe Kurata
Jan01 Min Hara, MIS Feb01 Bougainville - Sus Toyoda Mar01 Rusty Kimura
Apr01 A Lesson in History - Leila Meyerratken May01 Varsity Victory Volunteers - Hawaii Herald article Jun01 The Quilt
Jul01 Dedication of NJAM Pix & 120,000 Tassel Tapestry Pix & Dedication Banquet Pix Aug01 Hiroshi "Hershey" Miyamura, Medal of Honor Recipient Sep01 Yoshikazu Yamada, Artist, Scientist, and Inventor
Oct01 Background of the Presidential Unit Citation for MIS Nov01 Be Bombed and Borrow Time Everlasting by Dye Ogata Dec01 Raid on Japanese Radio Station, Philippines, January 1945 by Jack Herzig
Jan02 Tragedy on Iwo Jima, By Dr. Henry Yokoyama T/Sgt. Feb02 Their Fate was With Shovels and Picks: The 1800th. By Michael Matatall, 8th grader, Sunnyside Middle School, Lafayette, IN. Mar02 THE 1800TH STORY By Cedrick Shimo, An MISLS student exiled to the 1800th
Apr02 OSS Detachment 101 by Ralph Yempuku, Col, USAR Retired May02 Radio Intelligence by Ted Tsukiyama, Sgt Jun02 A Fire Brings Father and Daughter Closer - by Shizue Seigel
Jul02 An MIS Story from Pentagon/PACMRS/Europe by Kazuo E. Yamane Aug02 Tad Nagaki:  A Japanese-American Hero behind Japanese Lines in World War II by Mary Taylor Previte Sep02 USS Arizona Memorial Historical Film's "Missing Ingredient" by James Tetsuji Tanabe
Oct02 Experiences During the Okinawa Campaign, 1944-45 by Tom Ige Nov02 Almost Shot by an Ally in Burma by Frank T. Takao, T/3 Dec02 A Glimpse of My Life by Dick Hamada
Jan03 CBI and Sugamo Prison by Sohei Yamate, Sgt Feb03 Unforgettable Encounters:  Battle of Okinawa by Takejiro Higa, T/3 Mar03 Memoirs of an MISLS Instructor By George K. Hironaka, M/Sgt.
Apr03 The Last Battle of Shiro Kashino by William Y. Thompson May03 Dr. J. Alfred Burden, Col. - MIS Pioneer by Ted T. Tsukiyama, Sgt Jun03 Okinawa by Wallace Amioka
Jul03 Marshall Island Campaign -- MIS in the Central Pacific Campaigns by Donald S. Okubo, M/Sgt Aug03 Col Walter Tsukamoto Sep03 The Zebra Platoon by Kojiro Kawaguchi
Oct03 A Soldier's Final Cries for Mother by Kenneth K. Inada Nov03 Legend of The 'Torpedo Gang' by Karleen Chinen Dec03 Amache (Granda) Relocation Center, CO by Katherine Baishiki/Cindy Kumagawa/Thomi Yamamoto
Jan04 The Po Valley Campaign by Chester Tanaka Feb04 Escaping Internment by George M. Fukui Mar04 My Wartime Experiences by Yoshikazu Yamada
Apr04 The Flying Nisei Against Japan by Terry Adaniya, Lt Col, USA Retired May04 Assignment Canada by Dye Ogata Jun04 WWII Memorial Dedication
Jul04 100th/442nd Veterans Honored by French Government on 60TH Anniversary of the  Liberation of France Aug04 Twelve Year Quest to Change the Name of "JAP Road" Sep04 JICPOA Annex Story by Sam Isokane, T3
Oct04 Delayed Recognition in the CBI Theater: A Common Problem? - Arthur T. Morimitsu Nov04 Original Women "MIS" Linguists Were Dept of Army Civilians by Grant Ichikawa Dec04 THE 1800TH ENGINEER GENERAL SERVICE BATTALION by Cedrick Shimo
Jan05 Japanese American Women in WWII Feb05 Sgt Shigeru Yamashita Mar05 The Legend of the Korean War:  SGT Hershey Miyamura, Medal of Honor Awardee
    May05 Chaplain Yost Jun05 Chaplain Yamada
Jul05 Chaplain Hiro Higuchi Aug05 Chaplain George Aki Sep05 Korean War Military Intelligence Service (MIS) - Sam Miyamoto
Oct05 Korean War Vignette  by Lt Col (ret) Shigeki Sugiyama Nov05 Genesis of the Japanese American Viet Nam Memorial by Judge Vincent Okamoto (reprinted from the Japanese American Historical Society Journal, 2001) Dec05 Veterans' Day Tribute to Japanese American World War II Veterans
Jan06 America at Its Best - Speech by Eric Saul Feb06 Vietnam Medal of Honor Awardee - CPL. TERRY T. KAWAMURA Mar06 SGT. RODNEY J.T. YANO
KIA January 1, 1969 Vietnam Medal of Honor Awardee
Apr06 Recollections of the Japanese Occupation by Kan Tagami May06 THE NISEI INTELLIGENCE WAR AGAINST JAPAN
BY Ted Tsukiyama
Jun06 Contributions to the Allied Occupation Effort in Japan By Joyce Koshi Feiss for George M. Koshi
Jul06 Island Hopping from Makin to Saipan to Okinawa - Nobuo Dick Kishiue Aug06 The Hakujin Experience - Faubion Bowers Sep06 NISEI SOLDIERS IN THE WAR AGAINST JAPAN, By Stanley L. Falk
Oct06 MICKEY MAKIO AKIYAMA, A Brief Life History, by Carol Lynn Akiyama     Dec06 OSS-DETACHMENT 101: Nisei Guerrilla Fighters of World War II, By Ted Tsukiyama
Jan07 My Superiors Felt WW2 Stateside Duties Were "Just as Important" by Harry Honda Feb07 CPT William Alfred Laffin Mar07 LTC Ruth Ayako Tanaka, ANC,  Retired
Apr07 Veterans Keep Memories Alive at 'Hawaiian Punchbowl' by COL Renita Foster. May07 Sadaichi Kubota by SGM Bondielli the Italian g3 Air LNO of SETAF Jun07 “DON’T BE A BRIDGE, BE A PLAYER!” by Glen S. Fukushima
Jul07 Pearl Harbor Attack Energizes ‘Nisei’ (part 1), by Renita Foster Aug07 "Freed From One Camp, He Frees Another" - by Renita Foster SEP07 "March to Freedom Filled with Danger" by Renita Foster
OCT07 Veteran "went for broke" to serve country (Part 4) by Renita Foster Nov07 Merrill's Marauders, Nisei Helped Shorten WWII (part 5) by Renita Foster Dec07 Soldier becomes ‘Armored Angel’, freeing prisoners (part 6) by Renita Foster
JAN09   FEB09 Bronze Star for PFC Masaki Mar09 Silver Star for PVT Mitsuru Takahashi
APR09 Bronze Star for Pfc R. A. Chino MAY09 Bronze Star for Pfc R.R. Nagata JUN09 Silver Star for T/4 Eji Suyama
JUL09 Bronze Star for Takeshi Kudo AUG09 DSC for SSGT B Kagawa SEP09 Bronze Star for 1LT Drebin
OCT09 Silver Star for Pvt George Nishimura NOV09 Bronze Star for PFC R.R. Nagata DEC09 DSC for SSG Buddy Kagawa
Jan10 Silver Star for PVT Takahashi Feb10 Bronze Star for Pvt R Asahi Chino Mar10 Silver Star for T4 Suyama
Apr10 Silver Star for SGT Ted Yamasaki May10 Bronze Star for PFC Kusunoki Jun10 Bronze Star for PFC Kami
Jul10 Silver Star for PFC Koichi Sekimura Aug10 Silver Star to 2LT James Mizuno Sep10 Bronze Star for CPL Henry K. Togami
Oct10 Silver Star for Masanao Otake Nov10 Silver Star for 2LT Frank Okusako Dec10 BRonze Star for Harry H. Kamikawa
Jan11 Bronze Star Medal for Pfc Takashi Kusunoki Feb11 Bronze Star Medal to Pfc Mitsuo Furumoto Mar11 Bronze Star Medal to Pfc Terry T. Kohaya
Apr 11 Bronze Star Medal to Pvt Tadashi Hiyoto May 11 Remembering a Japanese-American Judge Advocate: Colonel Walter Tsukamoto Jun 11 Bronze Star Medal, Pfc Masaru Abe
Jul 11 Bronze Star Medal, T5 Tokuo Azeka Aug 11 Distinguished SErvice Cross, Masanao Otake Sep 11 Distinguished Service Cross, Ralph Zimmer
Oct 11 Silver Star, PFC Koichi Sekimura Nov 11   Dec 11