Military Intelligence Service (MIS)


Many people who are fascinated by the heroic story of the Japanese Americans in World War II think only of the famous 442nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) who fought in the African and European theaters, but another group of equally heroic Japanese Americans served their country in the Pacific theater.  These men were in the Military Intelligence Service -- serving as translators, they were often in such peril that they required bodyguards, and their exploits often went unheralded due to the cloak of secrecy of their missions. 

"Japanese American linguists were in such demand with Allied commanders, that they were assigned to every military unit from the Army, Navy and Marines. Their role ranged from document translation, personal interpretation and POW interrogation. In addition other duties included monitoring Japanese radio broadcasts, intercepting enemy messages and preparing surrender leaflets. Moreover it was necessary that each linguist be able to understand, comprehend and evaluate Japanese military tactics and doctrine. Their contribution became an important function in fighting and defeating the little-known Japanese military machine." - from narrative of Major Kan Tagami, MIS Hall of Famer


MIS in the War Against Japan

Personal Experiences Related at the 1993 MIS Capital Reunion, "The Nisei Veteran:  An American Patriot"

Edited by Stanley L. Falk and Warren M. Tsuneishi

Copyright Japanese American Veterans Association of Washington, D.C.


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Overview of the War in Asia and the Pacific

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Prelude to Battle - - Introduction 

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In Action in the Southwest Pacific AreaIntroduction

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In Action in the Pacific Ocean Areas

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Teaching at the MISLS - Takashi Matsui Undercover Agent in Manila - Richard M. Sakakida Introduction
The MISLS:  Some Contributions - Toshio G. Tsukahira The New Guinea and Philippine Campaigns - Sunao Ishio Interrogation of POWs on Bougainville Island - Roy T. Uyehata
The Hakujin Experience - Faubion Bowers Radio Intercept Intelligence - James Yukio Tanabe Island Hopping from Makin to Saipan to Okinawa - Nobuo Dick Kishiue
Muddling Through - Allen H. Meyer From Morotai to Mindanao and then to Japan - George Oakley Totten III Commanding MIS Teams in the Leyte and Okinawa Battles - Ben H. Hazard
The 50th Year Reunion - Dempster Dirks The LUPOW Team in the Philippines - Yoshito Iwamoto Winning the Purple Heart with the Marines on Iwo - Nobuo Furuiye
  From the Gila Relocation Center to Korea - Benjamin T. Obata   Negotiating w/the Japanese Liaison Team in Manila - Harvey Watanabe  
In Action in the China-Burma-India Theater -   Introduction

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Building a New Japan

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Publications and Film/Video Documentaries on the MIS

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With Merrill's Marauders in Burman - Roy H. Matsumoto In the Occupation of Japan - Peter K. Okada

Other participants in the Panel Discussions

The Unsung Heroes - Hiro Nishimura Preps for a Diplomatic Career, in the Occupation - Ulrich Straus, with a comment by Allen H. Meyer      George M. Koshi
Delayed Recognition in the CBI Theater:  A Common Problem - Arthur T. Morimitsu Counter-Intelligence in Occupied Japan - Joseph Y. Kurata       Sheryl Narahara
  Facets of Military Government in Postwar Japan - Allen H. Meyer       Glenda Yukie Nogami
  Intoxicated by MacArthur - Faubion Bowers        Thomas T. Sakamoto

Nisei in Military Intelligence Hall of Fame

LTC Richard Sakakida

1LT Arthur S. Komori Mr. Hisashi "Johnny" Masuda
COL Harry Fukuhara

COL John F. Aiso

LTC Gero Iwai

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Mr. Harry M. Akune

MAJ Kan Tagami

MSGT Roy Matsumoto

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